2×12″, CD and digital download – I·O LP001 available at Bandcamp and Bordello a Parigi

INVOLUCIJA is an experimental post-industrial collaboration with artists from ex-Yugoslavian countries started by Michel Morin and Lucija Invo.


INVOLUCIJA I Le Chocolat Noir – Želja Ma​š​ta Strah 12″ EP [I·O EP001] – Upcoming 06.09.2024 on INVOLUCIJA·ORG & aufnahme+wiedergabe (split label release)

tiha povest involucije (the quiet history of involution) 2xLP [I·O LP001] – Released 05.04.2024 on INVOLUCIJA·ORG
– written and produced by Michel Morin and Lucija Invo

Crna formula EP [a+w 202301] – Released 01.01.2023 on aufnahme + wiedergabe
written and produced by Michel Morin, lyrics vocals and co-production by Lucija Invo)

INVOLUCIJA – Crna Formula official video